2020 has been A YEAR FOR THE BOOKS and it's only the second quarter! As safety precautions become normalized for the world, it's important to wear a mask, but that doesn't mean style goes out the window. It's all about embracing this as it has become the new normal. 
I had the opportunity to partner with Vancouver based The Cut Fashion Design Academy which has started an initiative called Carewear to help keep the community safe while giving back. They have already donated over $8k to the food bank!
With the economy opening up, it is important to be safe, sustainable, and stylish! ⁣

Using non-medical cloth face masks is a sustainable option as they can be machine washed and re-used time and time again. This M-33 style comes in over 20 patterns + solids and includes a space for a filter. I’m loving this 100% cotton mask to add a fun print to my looks while staying safe. 
They also offer a range of solid coloured pleated masks. 
Check out their website or Instagram for more styles in adult and children sizing.  

The Cut Fashion Design Academy was founded by apparel and production expert Liza Deyrmenjian who has worked in fashion for more than 30 years. Her well-rounded background in the industry has shaped the programs for hands-on education to turn your passion into a rewarding career, or advance a hobby.
The school programs range from Fashion Design + Creative Arts Diploma to Certificates in Fashion Design, Pattern Making, Fashion Marketing + Branding, Product Development, Costume Film, and TV Design, Technical Pattern Making, and more.
They offer Full-Time, Part-Time, and even Virtual classes!

If you're interested in a career or even a hobby in the fashion industry, I highly recommend going to Fashion School. Even before starting a blog, it's important and beneficial to have a strong knowledge of Fashion history, industry terms, and how the industry works from a business and design standpoint. Understanding the entire process from fashion forecasting to design, production, buying, wholesale, and then of course marketing is KEY. Formal training in the industry has helped me immensely and I utilize my fashion education on a daily basis, even just within social media.
It's an important area of study to have hands-on training as a career in the arts is a 24/7 live and breathe lifestyle. There is no better way to gain experience and knowledge.
There are many different avenues you can take within Fashion and Design. 
It's all about having a good foundation and figuring out what your calling is. One of the best ways to do that is to figure out which program speaks to you. Map out your goals and do some research on what it is about fashion that you are drawn to then select a program that best suits your goals - if you're into technical design, couture, or more of the business side of things. 
Scheduling an informational meeting with the institution to go over more details and a list of questions you have will help make the best decision on which program is best suited for you. 
My biggest advice is once you get started, take it ALL IN! Meet with the program directors, utilize mentorship opportunities with leading industry professionals, and networking connections. 
These are a pivotal part of starting off in any aspect of the Fashion Industry.

Vancouver is a great city to study fashion for various reasons. The city itself is so beautiful, so when you're not studying or working on projects, you can get inspired by the landscape and culture. There is an abundance of fashion headquarters, manufacturing, and Film + Television opportunities in Metro Vancouver which are all avenues to explore your creative career.


Thinking about going to Fashion school? Start preparing your portfolio ASAP 

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't be! The Cut Fashion Design Academy has made the process easy and even offers scholarships. Keep reading to see how easy it is to start your career in Fashion...

Click here to take The Cut Fashion Design Training Readiness Quiz

The Cut Fashion Design Academy is committed to inspiring, educating, and creating true fashion and business professionals by promoting academic excellence through our rigorous programs and distinctive learner-centered environment.

The Cut Fashion Design Academy aspires to nurture the inherent talents of the students by developing an intellectually stimulating community and fostering a culture of skill-based and practical learning environment that enables students to maximize employment opportunities by providing them with career-oriented courses. We are building the future generation of designers through education and practical training in the real world.

Master the technical skills and creative tools you need to pursue a successful career in today’s fast-growing, competitive global fashion business. Our workshop-based fashion design diploma is taught by industry experts (plus a few big-name guests) who’ll share their experience in:

  • Visual Design

  • Garment Construction

  • Apparel Supply Chain Management

  • Business Management

  • Merchandising

  • Fashion Marketing

  • Fashion Media


    Small class sizes

    Location Location Location

    Hands-on Learning

    Mentorship opportunities

    Program variety

    Opportunity to work with industry professionals (Networking)

    Schedule flexibility

    Open Weekends

What Are We Looking For? 

Your portfolio will be reviewed by Dean, Liza Deyrmenjian, who’ll look for signs of an unusual level of determination and commitment to your craft, integrity to design, and a clear understanding of the need for financial assistance. 

What is the Admission Process?

Step 1: Inquire

Step 2: Informational Meeting via Zoom

Step 3: Apply by clicking apply now for full-time programs

Step 4: Enroll directly on the website for part-time programs

Step 5: Admissions interview via Zoom (full-time programs)

Step 6: Acceptance!

Step 7: Start School

Scholarship program:

Our scholarships are awarded on merit and/or financial basis. They’re for those students enrolled in our diploma program and those committing to three or more certificates. Contact our admissions team for more information. 

Apply: Two-Step Process

  1. Apply to enroll at The Cut Fashion Design Academy, ensuring you fulfill our admission requirements

  2. Fill in our scholarship application form and submit along with:

    1. A 500 word (minimum) essay that explains your knowledge of the program you’re interested in; tells us about your desire to work in this exciting industry; and why you might need help funding your studies. 

    2. Your four-piece (minimum) portfolio includes two garments and two art projects) designed and assembled with a detailed mood board.  

For more information on The Cut Fashion Design Academy click here or 
e-mail or phone (604) 736-0897
For more information on The Cutting Room + Carewear click here or e-mail

  • “I’m always looking for out of the box thinking. For a student who’s willing to broaden the way they look at things when it comes to learning and solving problems.” 

    Liza Deyrmenjian, Dean, The Cut Fashion Design Academy


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission if you click a link and purchase something. All reviews, thoughts, and opinions are my own.


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