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All Season Florals

Photography: Meagan Weatherby Photography  Shop the look: II Hat:  Topshop (UK)    I  Dress: New Look Fashion (UK)   I  Vest: Adrienne Landau  I  Bag: Givenchy   I  Booties: L.A.M.B  I  Belt: Soaked in Luxury  Summer can come anytime now!  Until it actually warms up, I mix and matched summer fabrics/styles with fall/winter pieces, creating a fusion of seasons. Gone are the days of having a "Summer" and "Winter" wardrobe.  Each spring we see floral prints and patterns on everything from clothing, design, tech accessories, the list goes on...  Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and several other design houses have made florals a year round trend this year.  Playing with layering and changing up your footwear is a great way to transition your fave summer dress into each season. Take your dress (for more versatility a quarter or long sleeve is better), and pair with a fur vest or leather jacket and

Black Mask by Shills Review

I have received several messages regarding the Shills purifying peel-off Black Mask that I posted on my IG Stories last week. I have tried this product a few times now (as I do with all products that I try), so I put together a review and some tips for using it effectively.  As many of you know, ingredient lists are the most important thing for me to review before trying a new product. This mask has a lot of natural ingredients that work together to enhance your skin.  This deep cleansing black purifying mask works with activated Charcoal (Carbon) adhering to your skin and removes impurities while purifying cells. Activated Charcoal is highly absorbent, acting as a filter system for purification.  Charcoal is also an anti-inflammatory, therefore it helps reduce redress and irritation while it purifies.  Other important ingredients include Aloe and Camomile. They help with many skin conditions and work well as natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatories. They also consist of

2017 Bridal Trends with

Wedding season is fast approaching. For those of you who are Brides to be or part of a wedding party, this means a lot of pressure, stress and lack of free time coming your way! There are so many details that go into throwing a once in a lifetime party to celebrate your relationship with your friends and family. I know from personal experience that trying to get everyone on the same page and organizing pre-wedding events as well as the big day is very time consuming (not that it isn't 100% worth it!). The challenges heighten when your bridal party all live in different cities or even countries.  It is easy to hire a wedding planner to take care of all the bits and pieces of your big day, but when it comes to findings dresses for yourself and your bridal party, it can take a lot of time and be very frustrating.  This past summer I was a MoH for one of my closest friends wedding in Vancouver. I was in charge of finding an appropriate dress style that would work for all of the Bri

Sicilian Sunshine + SheIn

details II Dress: SheIn  I  Shoes: Stuart Weitzman  I  Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs  I  Bracelets: Pura Vida Bracelets    I  Location: Ambasciatori Hotel This black & white body con dress was love at first sight. There are a few key design elements of pieces that I am usually drawn to, and this dress ticked off all the boxes. Not to mention it is the perfect material for packing as it doesn't easily crease.   I was initially drawn to the the dramatic sleeve. It adds excitement to what would otherwise be a very simple off the shoulder, body conscious silhouette. This piece has a very Chanel-esque vibe with the striking black and white combination = timeless.  The white bias tape  adds contrast and interest to this sexy little black dress.  The style is so chic and very fitted, it definitely shows off the bod and is very flattering with it's off the shoulder neckline.   I initially packed this dress for David's convocation

Love is Timeless JORD x SC

  details II Watch: JORD   I  Sweater: Banana Republic   I  Jeans: Levis   I  Shoes: Converse   I  Shades: Ray Ban   I  Bracelet: Pura Vida Bracelets  Love is in air. The countdown to Valentine's day is officially on. My guy and I are celebrating more than just Valentine's as we explore the history, landscapes and vibrant culture of Sicily, Italy. We started off our trip in England, where we attended his MBA graduation and then went on to celebrate his recent accomplishments, V-Day and his birthday (which is actually today ;)) all at the same time.  I couldn't ask for a more romantic place to be to celebrate love, and the hard work that has gone into the past few years.  After two + years of living abroad, and 9 years of being a pro-athlete, David decided to get his Masters Degree to retire and transition into the business world. The life of an athlete is pretty intense to say the least. Trains, planes and automobiles literally is