2017 Bridal Trends with MUEE.com

Wedding season is fast approaching. For those of you who are Brides to be or part of a wedding party, this means a lot of pressure, stress and lack of free time coming your way! There are so many details that go into throwing a once in a lifetime party to celebrate your relationship with your friends and family. I know from personal experience that trying to get everyone on the same page and organizing pre-wedding events as well as the big day is very time consuming (not that it isn't 100% worth it!). The challenges heighten when your bridal party all live in different cities or even countries. 
It is easy to hire a wedding planner to take care of all the bits and pieces of your big day, but when it comes to findings dresses for yourself and your bridal party, it can take a lot of time and be very frustrating. 

This past summer I was a MoH for one of my closest friends wedding in Vancouver. I was in charge of finding an appropriate dress style that would work for all of the Bridesmaids, their body shape, colouring and budgets. The bridesmaids and Bride were all living in different cities, so I had to look online and in chains that we all had access to.  Unfortunately in Canada we do not have many chain stores that carry Bridal collections anymore (under $500), and if they do they colours were very limited. I ended up finding our dresses online for a very reasonable price that fit in everyone's budget even after any final alternations that needed to be made. The dress style and colour is timeless, and can be worn again for a nice dinner or event. This experience opened me up to the idea of ordering an "unseen" dress for a special occasion. 

I came across a site called MUEE.com, an online boutique that manufactures affordable  Wedding dresses,  Homecoming dresses, or any other special event. MUEE covers the whole Bridal party including age appropriate styles for the mothers and flower girls. They offer a variety of colours/styles and sizing with a user friendly site and 24/7 customer service for any questions you may have. The dresses can be delivered just about anywhere in the world, so it is very convenient if your Bridal party are located in different places. 
Another perk of ordering online is that the items are delivered right to your door within a couple of weeks, so you don't have to worry about waiting for months for a dress to come in or spending a lot of time running around the city trying to find something that will work for everyone. If you require a faster shipping time, MUEE allows you to request a rush order for a small fee. 

The number one reason I shy away from ordering online, is that I personally like to feel the hand and have the fabric handy for pairing with other items. What may look like the right colour on a computer screen, could look completely different in person!
MUEE.com has an option to order a fabric swatch prior so you know what you are getting. 

Sizing is also very important when it comes to ordering online. As several countries have different size charts it can be confusing for some. As a fashion blogger, I have learnt that it is VERY important to pay close attention to the sizing charts provided for EACH item. Take a close look at the measurements, as every manufacturer/brand has different sizing. MUEE also offers a made to measure option if you do not fit the size chart. I recommend going to a seamstress/tailor to have your measurements professionally recorded. Simply fill in your measurements on their chart when you place your order, and they alter their design to fit your body. This will save on huge alteration costs. 

MUEE.com offers a variety of on trend styles that are budget friendly and makes dress shopping simple. 
Keep reading for more tips on finding the perfect dress styles for 2017. 

Plunging necklines are everywhere this year. Show off your d├ęcolletage with this boho style. 

Choose Bridesmaid dresses that everyone can wear again. There's nothing worse than buying something that hangs in your closet collecting dust. Click here to see more colour options.

       Lace wedding dresses are timeless. Vintage inspired dresses with a streamlined design are so chic. I am obsessed with this one!   

If you are on a budget, look for less expensive bridesmaid dresses, so you can put extra money towards a Bachelorette trip or spa day. This dress is only $69.00US?! Check it out here.

If you love it, wear it! Keep in mind that there are no fashion rules anymore. You can rock styles that may not be a traditional bridal style. Check this alternative style here.

Destination weddings are still a huge trend. Beachy/sea front weddings call for a slightly more casual dress. A chiffon skirt looks more appropriate than lace for a beach setting. Click here for more beach styles or here for this dress.

Go bold and bright. Change it up and wear colour instead of a traditional white gown. 

Show some shoulder. Off the shoulder styles are huge for 2017 thanks to Oscar de la Renta. Left I Right 

 Have fun with mixing and matching Bridesmaid dresses that compliment each other either in colour or style. Find at least one design element in each dress that is the same whether it is the colour, a belt, lace or the silhouette. If there are too many styles going on it will look  busy. You don't want to take away from the bride ;). Check out these sequin gowns. Left I Right 



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