LED Everything

Lamp: Orly LED Lamp Smart Lamp  -  Gel Polish: Sally Hansen Gel Polish Nail Color -        *Commander in Chic*  -  Accent Nail:  Essie Lux Effects *Set in Stones* 
 Shoes: Christian Dior 

LED is the leading light source option with lower energy consumption, smaller sizing and a longer lifetime. It is being used in many areas of our lives from electronics to household. 
have wanted to try out an at home LED gel nail system for a while. After many visits to salons for shellac / gel nails, I have decided to try out this system to see if it is comparable to salon quality manicures that usually last around two weeks. The LED light that is emitted from this small device is not dangerous like UV lamps that many salons use to cure the nails. Built in timers provides a gorgeous salon quality finish in only a couple of minutes! This compact device works great for both hands and feet. 
For best results use the base coat and cure. Apply 1-2 coats of a gel polish or gel strips, cure again (not for longer than 60 seconds), then finish off with the gel topcoat. 
When I paint my nails with regular nail polish formula they get smudged right after I finish the top coat, with this lamp the nails are completely dry as soon as the top coat is cured.  After the top coat is dry, I like to use an alcohol wipe to remove any tacky residue left on the nail. 
The lamp is great for traveling as it is the size of an IPhone with a charging cord that plugs right into a laptop. 


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