After spending the past few years in the U.K., I have become a tea addict.  I drink approximately 2 cups of tea per day in the summer months, and 3-5 in the winter. I love all types of tea; Green, London Fog's, Latte's another other black tea based drinks that warm the soul. Over time this has stained my teeth. I have always had fairly white teeth, although, I have some staining closer to my gum line (tough to see in photos) that I wanted to get ride of. I have been on the search for an at home whitening system to even out the colour and brighten up my smile.
As have a very full schedule, I need a product that is easy to use, doesn't make my teeth sensitive and of course has quick, effective results. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me, I knew I had to try out their whitening system. 
I have had my teeth professionally whitened years ago for my graduation, and I found it to work well, however, my teeth were sensitive after. The Smile Brilliant system includes a desensitizing gel to use after each whitening treatment, which I cuts down on any discomfort that goes along with whitening. I have also previously tried whitening strips from a drug store, and found them to be very messy, with the gel sliding all over the place leaving a bad taste and sensitive mouth. The SB trays prevent that from happening and the best part is that they are custom made for your teeth, so the gel gets in every area it needs to for even whitening. The trays are reusable, which is a plus from a sustainability standpoint.
A professional grade system, with the flexibility and comfort of your own home. You get to choose how long you leave it on for and how frequent your sessions are to achieve or maintain a bright, white smile. The process is simple:         

                                                           THE PROCESS 

The Smile Brilliant kit includes 3 sets of material for creating your own custom dental impression, impression trays, whitening and desensitizing gel. * You may want to consult with your dentist prior to whitening your teeth. 

1 I Prepare for the impressions by flossing and cleaning teeth. Start by mixing together the Catalyst and Base paste. Kneading the 1:1 white and blue impression material until the mix is solid blue. Do this fairly fast, as it will set quickly. Place the impression putty into either the top tray (it needs to be very soft to get into all of the grooves of your teeth). Take the upper tray first and place in your mouth and press up to ensure that the front and both sides of your teeth are fully covered by the putty. Wait until it begins to harden and gently remove from your mouth. Repeat with the other tray to make the lower impression. 

2 I Keep impression putty in trays and rinse off, let dry for 30 minutes then check to make sure the impression is clear before placing into the return shipping package. Remember to fill out the return impression card, so the lab can keep track of your trays. Ship the package with your impressions and filled out card back to the lab. 

3 I Approximately one week later (depending on which country you reside) you will receive your custom trays (one for the top and one for the bottom) that fit perfectly on your teeth. 
Remove the whitening gel cap from whitening syringe. Apply a thin ribbon of gel on the outer surface of the tray (the part that comes in contact with the front side of your teeth). I use just under 1/3 of a syringe per session. 

4 I Floss and brush your teeth with water. Do not use fluoride toothpaste, as it sticks to teeth and blocks the gel. 
Dry the outside of your teeth as much as possible, then insert the trays on your upper and lower teeth. Leave on for a minimum of 45 minutes. I wanted to start at a shorter time to ensure that I could handle any pain etc. (I had no pain), but I decided to only leave mine on for 45 minutes for consecutive sessions. If you have more stains and no sensitivity, results may be better if left on for 1-3 hours per session. Wait 20 minutes and then brush as normal. 

5 I Desensitizing gel is your best friend when it comes to whitening. Clean out the excess whitening gel from trays, and repeat the whitening steps with the desensitizing gel to eliminate tooth sensitivity and prevent re-staining. I have had no tooth sensitivity with using the desensitizing gel for around 15 - 20 minutes after each whitening session. After 15 minutes I remove excess gel and leave on at night. If it's during the day I wait a little while and then rinse with water. 
Clean and dry trays and avoid eating or drinking for a minimum of 30 minutes to prevent staining. It is recommended to do the whitening before bed as it gives your teeth time to rehydrate and remineralize. 

I have been using Smile Brilliant for 3 weeks now at three sessions per week and I am loving the results! The colour of my teeth has evened out and removed the staining close to my gum line. Starting the process during my makeup routine or right before bed is the most effective in regards to results as well as the opportunity to multi task as it does take around an hour to complete the process. After only 2 sessions I saw results, which has definitely pushed me to work it into my schedule. It may take 7-14 sessions for  some people to remove all stains. 
I can't stop smiling... as you can tell by my big "after" smile,  I am happy to show off my pearly whites now.  I have teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give you 15% off a tray creation kit!  Click here to get a brighter, whiter smile :D.  Promo code: styleconcept15. 


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