Designing Cases with CaseApp

I like to switch up my tech accessories every season or so. As I am not one for having the same things as everyone else, I wanted to design my own case. I came across CaseApp, a website that specializes in phone cases, computer and iPad skins for a variety of devices. 
I spent some time going through travel photos to choose my fave's that I wouldn't get tired of, edited them to be predominately grey scaled (to fit my monochromatic aesthetic) and match my other devices. 
I found this photo from my recent trip to Palermo, Italy and thought it would make the perfect case as it merges travel/architecture and fashion all in one image. I love looking at the intricate buildings and depth of the photo. 
Once I finished editing the image, I uploaded it to in the "design your own case" tab. Playing around with the image gives you a good idea of what the end result will look like. There are guide lines to show where the image will be wrapped around the sides. This is my favourite feature of caseapp, as it gives the case a more finished look. For this case I chose a Matte finish and just the regular shell case. 
For my other case (an iconic London landscape), I chose the extra protection tough case, to see the difference. The tough case has a silicone insert, giving it a little more bulk/weight and the design looks a little different. So far both case styles have worked well for protection, however, if you are a little klutzy I would highly recommend the tough case. The quality of the print exceeded my expectations. Detail, clarity and colour balance are very close to the original image. Now I just need to design some for my iPad + laptop!
I have partnered with to give you guys 20% off their entire site with code: STYLECONCEPT20. 


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