Every fashionistas dream bra is backless, strapless, seamless and flattering. Undergarments are SO important for your clothes to fit well and look the best they can on your body. When I heard about the KissBobo invisible bra I thought it was too good to be true. I have tried other bras that have a similar concept with a silicone backing that adheres to your skin. After only a couple of hours they came off and were heavy, weighing down my breasts so they appeared droopy with clothing over top. 
I took this KissBobo black invisible bra on my trip to the French Riviera and was excited to try it out with all of my summery strapless blouses, backless dresses and crop tops. 
The first time I tried the bra it was super easy to put on. When you peel off the plastic protection, there are little circles where your nipples go so they do not touch the silicone adhesive (it is sticky). The adhesive is skin friendly and covers the entire inside of the bra to secure it to your body. As it has no straps or clasps, it simply sticks to your skin and stays in place until you peel it off. The bra is very lightweight, so it doesn't pull or feel heavy. 
My biggest tip is to put it on after drying off from a shower without any lotion/oil or perfume in that area to ensure that the silicone sticks to your skin. Once you have the bra in place, you can tighten the drawstring toggle in the centre of the bra. This pushes your breasts together for enhanced cleavage. IMO this is the best part about this bra, as strapless bras can be very unflattering and not provide that lift. 

I wore the bra for 7 hours the first day, and it stayed on very well. The silicone adhesive is reusable so I have been able to wear it several times with it continuing to stay in place for 5-10 hour days. With the weather being very hot and humid it has been a good test to see how well the bra stays on through moisture, sweat, hiking etc. 
Each time I take it off I gently wipe down the inside with a wet cloth and replace the plastic protection on the inside of the cups where the silicone is to keep it clean and ready for the next wear. 
The bra works well under clothes as it shows no lines or bumps that underwire causes. The sexy lace up detail allows it to be visible under a jacket or sheer top as it doesn't look like a traditional bra. It would also work perfectly under a wedding/bridesmaid dress or  for evening/cocktail attire. 
The sizing comes in cups A through D. I would suggest going one cup size down as I ordered a B cup (I typically wear a C) and the B provides great coverage and comfort. 
Now I just need the nude one for wearing whites! Check out KissBobo here to get your invisible bra. 


  1. These are just excellent. They could solve a lot of problems the next time I decide to dress up fancy. No more worrying about those pesky straps.

  2. WOW! I just loved the invisible style of bras concept and a great solution to wear the dresses to be confident and comfortable. It is very easy to wear the backless push up bra, strapless dresses for the parties, beach or any occasion. Thanks for the awesome post!


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