You guys know I'm all about incorporating your own style into every aspect of your life... so why not have tech accessories that go with your personal style ? I have been designing custom cases with CaseApp for a couple of years and am super happy with the quality of the print and the case itself. 
I recently visited the Iris Van Herpen and Philip Beesley exhibit at The ROM in Toronto, Canada and was inspired by the two visionaries who push boundaries in design. The pieces from IVH's Aeriform collection [showcase during Paris Couture Week] were made of innovative materials creating intricate, avant gard art.  
One of my highlights was the interactive installation. The construction, materials and overall concept was quite interesting. I spent a good hour taking in all of the details.
I was really drawn to the textures and how the architecture in The ROM complimented the art. 

After going through my favourite images from the event, I started playing around with this image in Lightroom as I wanted to make the image into a phone case. I personalized the image by adding the "SC" [for Style Concept] at the bottom and uploaded it onto CaseApp's "design your case" section.

I selected my phone model and tough case. There are two options for cases - regular or "extra protection tough case", I always go with the latter, as I have a tendency to drop my phone. You can also choose which material you would like, glossy or matte [I love the matte, as it doesn't show fingerprints]. I then uploaded my photo file and moved around the image to see how it would look being printed on the phone case. It is super simple and a great way to
incorporate your own images into your daily style.

I have teamed up with CaseApp to give you guys 20% off a custom case or laptop skin with code:STYLECONCEPTBLOG20 ! 

"For me fashion is an expression of art that is very closely related both to me and to my body. I see it as an expression of identity combined with desire, moods and a cultural setting."


  1. These are really great fashion ideas here. Love your blog.



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