Sustainable Pantyhose With Sheertex

I love wearing pantyhose all year round. Whether I'm rocking fun colors and designs, classic blacks or nudes, it's always practical and adds some fun when styling a look. 

During the fall and winter months, I typically go through fifteen pairs per season. I constantly worry about snagging them and actually carry a bottle of clear nail polish around with me to help prevent any potential hole[s] from creating a run down my leg *embarrassing*. Those days are over now thanks to Sheertex. 

I heard about Sheertex, a Canadian brand that specializes in pantyhose, back in the fall and was instantly intrigued. I love that they design AND manufacture right here in Canada [they are based in Montreal]. After taking a look at their site, I was impressed by the reviews, sizing, color and style options to choose from and knew I wanted to partner with them. 

When I received my order, it arrived with a testing kit to try to stretch, break, snag, etc. as their claim to be unbreakable is real [they are 10x stronger than steel] - David and I had quite the time trying to destroy them. 

I chose the sexy backseams as they have an element of uniqueness from behind and can be worn with so many dress or skirt styles. This particular pair has a beautiful lace detail at the top which adds a lingerie vibe. They are super comfortable and the lace does not show through most of my clothing fabrics. 

I am so relieved that I don't have to worry about them getting runs or ripping. Just one pair has replaced fifteen pairs this F/W and I am happy to say that I've spent less money and time not having to venture off to a department store every week to replace them. 

This also allows for a more sustainable choice to be made as it is important to reduce unnecessary textile purchases as we have witnessed a negative correlation between textile production and climate change in recent years. Less purchasing = fewer emissions from factories to transport, packaging, and paperwork, but also keep the one-time wear, disposable pantyhose out of the landfills.  What I like most about them is the ability to wash them in my washing machine [on cold hand wash cycle in a lingerie pouch] and they come out looking exactly like they did before - Oh, and they don't shrink! 

I am very impressed with this invention and look forward to adding some different colours into the mix for S/S. I've partnered with them to give you guys a special discount with code: StyleConceptBlog10. Click here to check out their site and here to shop the style in my photos.  


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  1. I bought the Sheertex leggings when the factory first opened in Bracebridge Ontario and these leggings (now called footless tights) are still like new. I wear these hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and for running errands.


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