Building a sustainable wardrobe can mean a lot of different things. For me, it's being conscious of what I buy, making sure I can say "I love this" before clicking add to cart or going to a checkout counter. I have taught myself to visualize my wardrobe and think about what pieces are missing and what can be worn with a variety of pieces that I already own. I'm always on the search for companies that are on the leading edge, doing their part to cut back on emissions and making a difference. Doing the research to educate yourself is key because a lot of brands don't share a lot about their business practices in their ads. 
There are a variety of other tips that I have to be more conscious when it comes to fashion, style, and other aspects of my lifestyle, but I'll save that for another post.  

It's unfortunately not easy to find a lot of sustainable and eco-friendly brands at affordable price points, however, there are some companies that are making waves. Creating innovative designs that are accessible to the masses while helping to minimize the impact on the Earth is not an easy balance. 
I came across a fabulous, eco-conscious footwear brand, Vivaia a few months ago and I instantly fell in love with their unique chic designs and sustainable mission. 
They use recycled materials, including plastic bottles, 3D technology, and a zero-waste process to create a seamless 3D knitted design that is comfortable, functional, and sustainable.  
My Vivaia orders ship directly to my address, so it goes through fewer hands which cut's down on the emissions, paper trail and allows for a more affordable price point. 
Even the packaging is luxurious. I would never have guessed that it is made of 100% recycled cardboard! 

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping is finding pieces that are timeless and that can be worn several different ways. This doesn't always mean it has to be an expensive piece, it just means that it has versatility within YOUR wardrobe, fits great and it's something you won't grow tired of after a couple of seasons. 
Below are a couple of my favourite styles that I have been wearing on repeat and I know that I will wear them for many seasons to come. 

My favourite shoe style is Adele. These classic pointed-toe flats are the perfect business shoe. I love the contrasted Trompe-l'œil stitching which is certainly current, but also timeless. The knit uppers are made from plastic bottles and outsoles are carbon-free rubber. These are incredibly lightweight and comfortable, making them perfect for everyday wear and traveling. 

These stunning Charley thigh-high boots add a unique twist to any look. They are SUPER comfortable and lightweight, despite the chunky outer sole. They are so easy to throw on for any season as the knit upper is made of premium breathable wool and the shape has held up nicely after several wears. 
The natural latex foam insole and carbon-free rubber outsoles are of beautiful quality. 
This boot will be incorporated into my wardrobe for many years to come. 

Comfortable, quality, affordable, and eco-conscious - Vivaia ticks all the boxes for me. I will definitely be a returning customer and can't wait to see what's next from this brand! 

You can check out more from Vivaia Collection here.  

I've partnered with Vivaia to offer you 15% off with code: STYLECONCEPT 


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