There is More to Personal Style Than Fashion

photography by  I  Meagan Weatherby Photography  I  clothing from Curated Consignment  I  henna by Sama's Henna 

shop the look II  jacket: IRO Paris  I  dress: Unknown  I  necklace: Marlee Watts  I  shoes: Steve Madden  I  rings: Top Shop (UK) 

People often ask me how I would describe my personal style. I feel like that is a loaded question. As a true fashionista I can work with just about anything and find myself drawn to an array of pieces. I'm not overly into trends, but transform my looks to be current. My wardrobe is quite eclectic with many different patterns, colours, textures and styles. Although I can be all over the place with prints and colours, I tend to be drawn to solid neutrals (a lot of black as you all know) and streamlined silhouettes. I like to mix feminine with masculine, so if I wear lace for example, I will pair it with edgy leather pieces / footwear and accessories. That being said, if I had to describe my style in a few words it would be rocker, boho, chic with a side of glam. I think this look embodies all of that.  
I am drawn to music, fashion, design, and hair/make-up styles of the 60's, 70's, 90's and futurism. I enjoy a mix of architecture styles that have a fine tuned modern vibe to them. I am definitely a more free spirited person who loves to try new experiences and travel as much as possible. Souvenirs I find on these adventures hold a sentimental value that I try to incorporate into my wardrobe and home decor. I love music, and am passionate about exploring the world and all it's people.
I believe your personal style should embody all of the things in life that you are most drawn to. Finding your authentic self can be tricky, especially at a young age. It's an ongoing process as you find the true, genuine substance of who you are and then fusing it into work appropriate looks in a whole other struggle. 
I often tell my clients to really think about who you are, your mentors and what makes you unique - don't get carried away with what is "on trend" or a hot fashion item of the month. Dig deep into what you're drawn to. With apps like Tumblr and Pinterest it is easy to put together mood boards filled with visuals that really appeal to you. Things like art, landscapes, lifestyle, music, eras, hair, home fashions, and colours all play a part in who you are and your personal style should coincide with this. 
In business it is important to come across as genuine as possible and how you present yourself effects how you are perceived. Being true to yourself and having a strong sense of who you are leads you to exude more confidence and consistency. Once you grasp your personal style it will be easier to minimize your wardrobe to key pieces that can be effortlessly put together and ones you feel great in. 
Although our interests may seem irrelevant, they shape us into who we are and emit in many angles of our life. There is more to personal style than fashion.    


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