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Brass is Back

Photography: Meagan Weatherby Photography 
Details  Top: Crystal Siemens  ISkirt: Crystal Siemens  I Shoes: L.A.M.B  Necklace: Kate Hewko  I  Earrings:Kate HewkoI Rings:Kate Hewko
From home decor to fashion accessories, Brass adds a glamorous statement. I have been loving brass (un polished/antiqued/powder coated) for lighting, plumbing fixtures, drapery hardware and embellished details for the past year or so. Brass pieces are elegant and timeless yet still very modern.It is has taken over the design world!

Caring for brass is important if you want to keep it looking its best. Whether the piece is antiqued brass or polished, it will tarnish from oxygen in the air and the oil on your skin. Maintaining the patina is especially important if you are working with the popular un-lacquered Brass. Using saturated polish clothes from a drug store/jewellery store or backing soda and water with a splash of lemon juice work well on more oxidized brass. Lacquered Brass tends to not oxidize as much,…

Summertime in Scarborough

details  I  Tank: Pierre Balmain  I  Shorts: Zara (UK)  I  Sandals: Francesco (Custom)  I  Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs  I  Wrap Bracelet: Juicy Couture  I  Bead Bracelet: LifeBuddhi  I  Bonbons: John Bull Sweet Factory
I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of England's "heat wave" of 26 degrees Celsius, and relax at the beach. After an hour of winding country roads, we arrive in Scarborough, Yorkshire, a resort town in England. The harbour town is situated in beautiful Limestone cliffs with two seafront Bays on the Eastern UK coast, and has been a popular holiday spot since the 1600's. 

Our first stop was Scarborough Castle, built in the 1100's on a cliff between the two Bays.  The Castle ruins sprawl out down the cliffside towards the water, and provide a great view of the town and water. 

The smell of fresh fish and chips around the town will make your mouth water. We stumbled upon "The Golden Grid" on the boardwalk, known as one of the to…

Summer Blue's

Photography: Meagan Weatherby Photography 
details  I  Jacket: GUESS  I  Dress: H&M  I  Shoes: L.A.M.B  I  Clutch: Beverley Feldman    Belt: Custom Made  I  Sunnies: Missoni  I  Cuffs: Kate Hewko  I  Ear Cuff: Kate Hewko
Summer blue's with a touch of camel.