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  Building a sustainable wardrobe can mean a lot of different things. For me, it's being conscious of what I buy, making sure I can say "I love this" before clicking add to cart or going to a checkout counter. I have taught myself to visualize my wardrobe and think about what pieces are missing and what can be worn with a variety of pieces that I already own. I'm always on the search for companies that are on the leading edge, doing their part to cut back on emissions and making a difference. Doing the research to educate yourself is key because a lot of brands don't share a lot about their business practices in their ads.  There are a variety of other tips that I have to be more conscious when it comes to fashion, style, and other aspects of my lifestyle, but I'll save that for another post.    It's unfortunately not easy to find a lot of sustainable and eco-friendly brands at affordable price points, however, there are some companies that are making wave