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Architectural Style

details II Bag: Primark  I  Shoes: Catherine Malandrino   I  Necklace:   Artifacts World  I  Sunnies: New Look  Spending time in my old stomping grounds feels so good after being in Europe for the past couple of years. A sense of nostalgia came over me while walking down my old street in Yaletown.  After a stop at Urban Fare, Bella Gelateria and a walk along the Yaletown Seawall, I decided to relax and enjoy one of my top people watching spots.  The Vancouver Library is a place I've always enjoyed spending time. The curved steps are the perfect place to have a coffee, reflect on life and people watch. The inside of the building is just as cool, with natural light filling the promenade. The VPL was on my daily route to school, everyday I walked past it with the feeling I was walking European streets. The design itself resembles the Colosseum with it's massive round structure, steep steps and windows wrapping around