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Designing Cases with CaseApp

I like to switch up my tech accessories every season or so. As I am not one for having the same things as everyone else, I wanted to design my own case. I came across  CaseApp , a website that specializes in phone cases, computer and iPad skins for a variety of devices.  I spent some time going through travel photos to choose my fave's that I wouldn't get tired of, edited them to be predominately grey scaled (to fit my monochromatic aesthetic) and match my other devices.  I found this photo from my recent trip to Palermo, Italy and thought it would make the perfect case as it merges travel/architecture and fashion all in one image. I love looking at the intricate buildings and depth of the photo.  Once I finished editing the image, I uploaded it to in the "design your own case" tab. Playing around with the image gives you a good idea of what the end result will look like. There are guide lines to show where the image will be wrapped around the si


After spending the past few years in the U.K., I have become a tea addict.  I drink approximately 2 cups of tea per day in the summer months, and 3-5 in the winter. I love all types of tea; Green, London Fog's, Latte's another other black tea based drinks that warm the soul. Over time this has stained my teeth . I have always had fairly white teeth, although, I have some staining closer to my gum line (tough to see in photos) that I wanted to get ride of. I have been on the search for an  at home whitening system to even out the colour and brighten up my smile. As have a very full schedule, I need a product that is easy to use, doesn't make my teeth sensitive and of course has quick, effective results. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me, I knew I had to try out their whitening system.  I have had my teeth professionally whitened years ago for my graduation, and I found it to work well, however, my teeth were sensitive after. The Smile Brilliant  system includes a d