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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to become more active and start working out in a gym setting. My idea of exercise is shopping, walking and carry decor samples on the regular [it is a serious core workout]. However, I am feeling like it’s just not enough anymore. As I have a very active/sporty FiancĂ©, working out is becoming something we can do together and I am excited to learn a lot more about the different equipment and get a personalized workout routine going. Of course I believe in looking stylish at all times, so it was necessary to step up my workout gear [including getting my first pair of trainers]. I found some cool pieces from the new MOVE by Ardene Activewear Collection that brings my personal style into the gym while providing comfort and support. I have been living in these cropped sports leggings for the past week and am very impressed with the compression fit and blackout material to ensure there is zero transparency - even in tho