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Luck of the Irish

Dubh Linn Garden  Saint Patrick's Cathedral O'Connell Bridge  City Hall  Guinness Storehouse Guinness Storehouse Tour   Saint Patrick's Cathedral  O'Connell Bridge Trinity College  DETAILS  I  Coat: Karen Millen  I  Sheer Top: DVF   I  Fur Vest: Adrienne Landau  I  Pants: Topshop  I  Bag: Alexander Wang  I  Boots: Alexander Wang  I  Beanie: Topshop  I  Sunnies: Chanel   I  Studded Bracelet: Oak + Fort  I  Small Black Onyx: Tiffany & Co  I  Large Black Onyx: Bellafusion  I  Stacking Rings: Jennea Frischke Jewelry   A perk to living in the UK is the quick flights to a variety of destinations. After a 40 minute flight, we landed in Dublin, Ireland for a little adventure.  Dublin in January means dressing in several layers, so packing a few outfits and mixing the pieces each day worked well and made traveling easier with light carryon luggage. Luckily, i


Photography by: Meagan Weatherby Photography  Jacket: Malika Couture  I  Sheer Top: DVF  I  Jeans: Rag & Bone  I  Boots: Alexander Wang  I  Bag: Givenchy  I  Scarf: Versace  I  Sunnies: Chanel  I  Beaded Bracelet: Bellafusion  I  Red Bracelet: Balenciaga  I  Studded Bracelet: Oak + Fort  I have wanted to shoot at The Bow in Calgary, Alberta ever since its inception in 2012. The 58 story skyscraper is the tallest Canadian building outside of Toronto. The preliminary  blueprint was to make it even taller, however, after the initial environmental survey was completed, it was discovered that the original height of the building would cast a large shadow over the Bow River, thus negatively effecting the local ecosystem.  The building has a unique look with the triangular and rounded shapes that comprise the the exterior. The interior is also very cool with sky gardens and stairwells on the outer glass walls. E

Oxblood Accents

Photography by: David Brown  Jacket: Top Shop  I  Crop Top: Wilfred   I  Skirt: NeonRose  I  Fleece Tights: Atmosphere  I  Toque: Atmosphere  I  Bag: Alexander Wang  I  Short Necklace: Bellafusion  I  Long Necklace: Oak + Fort  I  Bracelet: Balenciaga  I  Shoes: Ferragamo  The best thing about living in England is exploring the neighbourhoods that are full of charming buildings. The residential areas are filled with row houses made of old brick and  colourful accents which display the character and detail of this old English city.  Fall and Winter are the perfect seasons for mixing in a bold colour with black or white looks.   Oxblood has always been one of my top colours for F/W. The rich colour creates a powerful look when worn from head to toe, or an accent which I styled for this look. One of my top accessories for fall/winter/spring is a great beanie. This beanie/toque caught my eye with the fun oversized pompo

Parisian Stripes

Wool Coat: Karen Millen  I  Jeans: Rag & Bone  I  Striped Sweater: Theory  I  Silk Cream Blouse: Funktional  I  Leather Boots: Gucci     Beanie: All Saints   I  Scarf: Burberry  I  Bag: Alexander Wang  I  Gloves: Danier   I  Sunnies: Chanel  Paris is always a good idea. My partner and I decided to spend our first New Years together (in three years) in Paris. I have only been to Paris in Summer/Fall, so it was nice to experience the festive decor, food trucks and outdoor christmas carnivals. As it was his first time visiting, we covered all the touristy stuff and then went on our own adventures around the city.  Ringing in the New Year at the Eiffel Tower was a magical finish to the year and a great start to 2015. On New Years day we locked our engraved lock on Pont des Arts - we had to do all the cliche couple things ;).  Several of my favourite things are encompassed in this one city; stunning architecture, chic fashion, gr