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That's a Wrap

details II Coat: SheIn  I  Top: Top Shop  I  Jeans: Denim Supply Ralph Lauren  I  Belt: Gucci   I Boots: Bebe   I  Clutch:  Michael Kors  I  Sunnies: New Look (UK)   Flowy and soft, the wrap coat silhouette creates a laid back yet very chic look for any occasion. A cozy, mid-length hemline and cascading revers provide a comfortable, warm layering option as we move into Spring.  This classic style isn't going anywhere, so i've put together some tips for working a wrap coat into your wardrobe.  1 I The length - The best part about a Wrap Coat is that it is easy to find one that fits just about any size or body type. Wrap silhouettes are one of the most flattering, only the hemline and sleeve length need to fall in the right place.  The hem length should be in proportion with your height and can easily be altered if need be. Hitting a few inches below the knee or right above the knee if you're petite. You don't need

"There is no better designer than nature" - A. McQ

I finished off 2016 with a long overdue road trip up to Northern Arizona/Utah to visit some must see beauties of nature. I Flew into Las Vegas, Nevada and rented a car to drive through several stunning areas including Zion National Park. The 4.5 hour drive consists of driving up and around mountains and leaving and re-entering Arizona/Utah 7 times. There is something very calming about the rocky orange mountains and Cacti surrounded highway. The sun setting across the entire sky, before fading into darkness.  I managed to see several shooting stars before arriving in Page, Arizona.  I definitely knocked off a major bucket list item with this hike around Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, USA. The vibrant turquoise Colorado River bends around the orange rock walls. The rock in this area is primarily made up of platinum, hematite and garnet and is a little more rugged than other areas of Arizona and Utah.  Upon arrival we were greeted by our little