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Throughout our time living abroad in Europe, David and I had many opportunities to visit Greece. We ultimately decided to save Greece for our honeymoon, and we’re really happy that we did, as it truly is the most romantic place we’ve visited! The beautiful sunset views, unique daily excursions, and fresh cuisine make for the perfect place to celebrate love. David and I are always traveling, and one thing we have learned while traveling throughout Europe is to pack light because it’s not like North America where there are paved roads and large spaces to walk - this is especially true in Greece. The local landscape is much different from anything we had previously experienced; having to navigate the narrow streets of Mykonos, and the winding cliffside paths to our hotel in Santorini, convinced us to maximize our packing by splitting one large suitcase and two carry-on sized roller bags from Monos , and they were perfect for our month-long adventure. We like to immerse ourselves