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Modernism in Barcelona

DETAILS:  Romper: Miss Selfridge (UK)  I  Shoes: Primark (UK )  I Bag: Primark (UK)  I  Bangles: Primark (UK)  I  Sunnies: Missoni    Earrings: Topshop (UK)  Streets filled with colourful architecture, sorbet sunsets taking over the sky and the smell of Paella's sizzling on open fire take over the city, Barcelona is a magical city from morning to night.  One of the main contributors to Barcelona's magic is the modern designs with unique details located around the city.  A new perspective communicated through music, art, architecture, literature etc. arose in Europe during the 19th Century as the Modernism movement. It progressed with artists like Henry Matisse, Pierre Mondrian, architects Gustave Eiffel, Stephan Sauvestre and Antoni Gaudi demonstrating new forms of artistic experimentation. The connection between art and music, fashion, and architecture has always bee