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Easter Egg Cookies

YOU WILL NEED:  2 1/4 Cups of Flour  1 TSP Baking Soda 1 TSP SALT 1 Cup of butter 1 TSP Vanilla 3/4 Cup of White Sugar 3/4 Cup of Brown Sugar  2 Eggs  1 1/2 Cup of Cadbury Mini Eggs  Decorative Basket  Bake at 375 degrees F Makes  2 1/2 dozen cookies. THREE BOWLS:     Small: Cadbury Mini Eggs  Medium: Combine Flour, Salt and Baking Soda.  Large: Combine Brown Sugar, White Sugar and Softened Butter. Mix Eggs into the dry ingredients in Large bowl.  Pour Mini Eggs into a Ziplock bag, seal and lay flat on a countertop.  Use a rolling pin to break the eggs into pieces (this will allow the chocolate  centre to melt and is easier to eat).      Roll mixture into balls and place 1 1/2 " apart on a non stick cookie sheet.  Place on centre  rack in oven. Bake for 12 minutes, place on cooling rack for 5 minutes.   Place in a colourful basket and Enjoy! 

Last Stop London

British Library, London  Covent Gardens, London Trafalgar Square, London  Trafalgar Square, London  DETAILS  Jacket: Topshop  I  Fur Vest: Adrienne Landau  I  Dress: H&M  I  Tights: HUE  I  Boots: Alexander Wang  I  Hat: H&M    I  Bag: Alexander Wang  I  Sunnies: Chanel  I  Short Necklace: Bellafusion  I  Medium Necklace: Oak + Fort  I  Rosary: Gift from Fatima, Portugal  I Finished off a wonderful two + months overseas taking in some gorgeous spring days in London, England. I fall more in love with this city each time I visit. The energy, great architecture, delicious restaurants and shopping all over the city makes for new adventures each time. Trafalgar Square is one of my favourite spots in the city. It is always filled with street entertainers, musicians and art, while being surrounded by amazing architecture.  The perfect outfit for exploring London in the spring includes: A hat to keep warm