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The Artistic and Delicious WINDS Series by Alvento Winery

Summer is finally here and that means you can find me at a beach!  One of my favourite things about living in Downtown Toronto is how easy it is to walk down to Sugar Beach with a box full of charcuterie and a delicious bottle of wine to watch the sunset over the city skyline.  I've been loving Alvento Winery's WIND series and have partnered with them to share the new collection!  Alvento Winery is located in Vineland, near the waterfront of Lake Ontario in Canada.  The 13-acre vineyard is owned by local peach agriculturalists - the Zhang's family who dreamed of running a winery in the region.  They create small-batch wines that are crafted from established vines that offer quality fruit with subtle complexities.  The owners are inspired by the English translation of Alvento, meaning; "At the Wind" and are focusing on wine styles that are refreshing and aromatic.   Alvento believes that we are all connected to the primal forces that live in expressions of creativ