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Don't know what to get the girl who has everything? My go-to gift giving tactic is finding items that are either a)funny or b)useful... or a combination of both! The perfect gifts for the holidays are warm accessories, ugly Christmas sweaters to stir up some fun w/ your besties and, of course, a classic cozy PJ set. When in doubt, go for the warm! Who doesn't need a beanie, faux fur ear muffs or an excuse to have a relaxing candle lit bath with these macaron bath bombs? There is something for everyone [including yourself ;)]. From stocking stuffers to host presents and gift exchanges, check out more fun ideas from Ardene here. Get 15% off site wide with code: elena15.   




shop the looks // Crop hoodie and jogger set  Fur slides 
Twisted Bodycon Dress Star tights  Studded buckle ankle boots Round glitter bag

The best part of Autumn/Winter is that it means slowing down, keeping cozy and party season! This is the time to transition our routine into hibernation mode. Starting off the day lounging around the house, drinking tea by the fire and relaxing in your own sanctuary. 
Comfort and style go hand in hand with the Ardene PJ collection. My loungewear essentials include; warm, soft and always comfortable yet stylish pj's, eye masks for catching up on sleep and a pair of cute slides that offer support while hanging around the house.
I love to entertain, and after a day of catching up on social media and a little pampering, I enjoy hanging out with family and friends. As we move into party season, there are so


As many of you know, Fall is my favourite fashion season. The transiting season where you can still bare your legs, add fun tights or rock a sexy pair of OTK boots with a dress. I have partnered with Tobi to put together a few trending fall street style looks from

Fall Nudes II  Chocolate brown is huge for FW17. I am not much of a brown person, so I embrace the trend with a light brown/nude dress. Browns are neutral, therefore they go with just about anything. Remember, there are no fashion rules anymore, so these browns and black can work together if done right. I like to pair an OTK boot with a mini hemline to show off a little skin in the transitioning months. Click here to shop the Helena Plunging Ruched Bodycon Dress.

Fringe II  Fall is all about texture. Fringe is the perfect way to add a playful detail to your look. Since fringe is more like a trimming detail/accessory, it is a fun detail for any season. This LBD is the perfect balance of sexy, fun and sleek for a…


Every fashionistas dream bra is backless, strapless, seamless and flattering. Undergarments are SO important for your clothes to fit well and look the best they can on your body. When I heard about the KissBobo invisible bra I thought it was too good to be true. I have tried other bras that have a similar concept with a silicone backing that adheres to your skin. After only a couple of hours they came off and were heavy, weighing down my breasts so they appeared droopy with clothing over top.  I took this KissBobo black invisible bra on my trip to the French Riviera and was excited to try it out with all of my summery strapless blouses, backless dresses and crop tops.  The first time I tried the bra it was super easy to put on. When you peel off the plastic protection, there are little circles where your nipples go so they do not touch the silicone adhesive (it is sticky). The adhesive is skin friendly and covers the entire inside of the bra to secure it to your body. As it has no strap…

Designing Cases with CaseApp

I like to switch up my tech accessories every season or so. As I am not one for having the same things as everyone else, I wanted to design my own case. I came across CaseApp, a website that specializes in phone cases, computer and iPad skins for a variety of devices. 
I spent some time going through travel photos to choose my fave's that I wouldn't get tired of, edited them to be predominately grey scaled (to fit my monochromatic aesthetic) and match my other devices. 
I found this photo from my recent trip to Palermo, Italy and thought it would make the perfect case as it merges travel/architecture and fashion all in one image. I love looking at the intricate buildings and depth of the photo. 
Once I finished editing the image, I uploaded it to in the "design your own case" tab. Playing around with the image gives you a good idea of what the end result will look like. There are guide lines to show where the image will be wrapped around the sides. This is m…


After spending the past few years in the U.K., I have become a tea addict.  I drink approximately 2 cups of tea per day in the summer months, and 3-5 in the winter. I love all types of tea; Green, London Fog's, Latte's another other black tea based drinks that warm the soul. Over time this has stained my teeth. I have always had fairly white teeth, although, I have some staining closer to my gum line (tough to see in photos) that I wanted to get ride of. I have been on the search for an at home whitening system to even out the colour and brighten up my smile.
As have a very full schedule, I need a product that is easy to use, doesn't make my teeth sensitive and of course has quick, effective results. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me, I knew I had to try out their whitening system. 
I have had my teeth professionally whitened years ago for my graduation, and I found it to work well, however, my teeth were sensitive after. The Smile Brilliant system includes a desensitiz…

Arm Candy

My latest adventure included a trip to the beautiful Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada. As this area of Ontario is very historical, lush and surrounded by water, making it the perfect weekend getaway. Niagara on the Lake is an oasis for wine and food lovers, with some of the top chefs in the world.  Prepping to visit a winery requires a few essentials including comfortable shoes, a big appetite and of course a fabulous bag that offers a hands free option so you can fully indulge in tastings. I found this Chanel WOC from House of Arm Candy for an elegant yet practical look. House of Arm Candy is a new Canada based business where you can buy authentic, gently used designer bags, rent for a special event or sell your own collection. The rental option is great for switching up your bag game at a fraction of the cost of purchasing. It is also a good idea to try out a purse before you commit to buying, this gives you a good idea of compartments, colours that work with your wardrobe and ho…

Stampede Chic

shop the look  top: Crystal Siemens skirt: H&M boots:Aldo necklace: InnerWolf Jewelry  boot bracelet: Yoshi-Bella  belt: MaxMara sunnies: Mars Quest 

Stampede is the biggest party in Calgary... or arguably Canada, with mayhem taking over the city for 10 days straight. It is a time for every man, woman and child to embrace our cowboy culture and (hopefully) a lot of summer sunshine.  This year i'm moving away from the cliche plaid and denim and put together a neutral look. As khaki is a huge trend for S/S 17, I wanted to show how styling an all nude/khaki look can can have a western vibe. The always chic neutral colour palette looks great with denim and a pair of leather cowboy boots. A solid fabric allows you to have fun with accessorizing; a large belt buckle, fringed everything or a little bling. I finished off this look with a Boot Bracelet by Yoshi-Bella jewelry, a local Calgary based company.  Like other Yoshi-Bella products, you have the option to switch out different medallions …

The Ultimate Canadian Caesar

I am a true Alberta girl, minus the fact that I highly dislike country music :p. I love the mountains, fresh air, steak and my drink of choice is a good Caesar. Caesar's are not to be confused with a Bloody Mary - every time I order one in the states I am highly disappointed. They were actually invented in my home town of Calgary, Alberta back in 1969.  There are a few reasons I drink a lot of Caesars; I love just about any drink that incorporates Vodka, I enjoy a little kick when it comes to flavour, and I basically never stop eating, so a good garnish is something for me to snack on.  Truthfully, I just started my obsession last year. I was on a flight to London, England when my flight got delayed for 7 hours and I was stuck at YVR in the middle of the night. I ran into another girl who resides in Wales, U.K. & after a couple of minute of chatting, we decided to go to the restaurant and order some food and drinks together. She was so excited to order a Caesar as she would not …

Taormina Travel Tips

Taormina is definitely a highlight of my Sicily trip. My entire experience in this small Island town was serene. Beautiful weather and relaxing. The train runs along the East Coast into the quaint old station surrounded by lush trees and sea shore views. The minute I got off the train I fell in love with the charming town.  Breathtaking panoramas surround you as you drive up the mountain to the town. 
Hotels are very old and full of history and elegance... and always have amazing breakfasts (which includes a lot of sweets). Most of the hotels are boutique and family run, which is great for service and a taste of local life. There are some stunning hotels to choose from, each offering a slightly different view and great beaches. 
Regardless of where you stay, a room with a view is a must have while in Taormina. There is nothing like waking up to a gorgeous sea & volcano view everyday. It is worth every penny. 
Taormina was founded in the 4th century BC and has become a high end touris…