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The Ultimate Canadian Caesar

I am a true Alberta girl, minus the fact that I highly dislike country music :p. I love the mountains, fresh air, steak and my drink of choice is a good Caesar. Caesar's are not to be confused with a Bloody Mary - every time I order one in the states I am highly disappointed. They  were actually invented in my home town of Calgary, Alberta back in 1969.  There are a few reasons I drink a lot of Caesars; I love just about any drink that incorporates Vodka, I enjoy a little kick when it comes to flavour, and I basically never stop eating, so a good garnish is something for me to snack on.  Truthfully, I just started my obsession last year. I was on a flight to London, England when my flight got delayed for 7 hours and I was stuck at YVR in the middle of the night. I ran into another girl who resides in Wales, U.K. & after a couple of minute of chatting, we decided to go to the restaurant and order some food and drinks together. She was so excited to order a Caesar as s

Taormina Travel Tips

Taormina is definitely a highlight of my Sicily trip. My entire experience in this small Island town was serene. Beautiful weather and relaxing. The train runs along the East Coast into the quaint old station surrounded by lush trees and sea shore views. The minute I got off the train I fell in love with the charming town.  Breathtaking panoramas surround you as you drive up the mountain to the town.  Hotels are very old and full of history and elegance... and always have amazing breakfasts (which includes a lot of sweets). Most of the hotels are boutique and family run, which is great for service and a taste of local life. There are some stunning hotels to choose from, each offering a slightly different view and great beaches.  Regardless of where you stay, a room with a view is a must have while in Taormina. There is nothing like waking up to a gorgeous sea & volcano view everyday. It is worth every penny.  Taormina was founded in the 4th century BC and has become a