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Welcome to the Style Concept  2022 Gift Guide. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite items for the person who has everything. They are practical products that I find useful on a daily. These gifts make great Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, hosting gifts, birthdays, or any other special celebration.   Let’s get right into it!   hOme LED SUNRISE ALARM CLOCK  This alarm clock has been a game changer for my morning routine. I wake up relaxed without the jarring ring tones/ alarm sounds triggering my nervous system. The LED light [in various colours] turns on before the alarm goes off, illuminating the room as if the sun is rising. It gradually gets brighter over a period of minutes which you can customize until the sounds begin. It helps me ease out of my deep sleep and vivid dreams.   There are also a variety of sounds to select from and I love that the display turns completely off to help create a dark room for a better night's sleep.  Click here to learn more.  FEARLESS COOKIN