Pressed by Time

  Garrett Cooper - tangled: a process Canvas Painting 

    Byron Remple - TitanicVerses:Dispatches - Wood/Aluminum/Paint/Nails/Staples Sculpture

     Margaret Jessop - Music Teacher/Geologist - Cotton Quilts

Alejandra Samaniego - All these places, forgotten by time - Digital Print 


An exceptional evening at Axis Gallery in Art Central for the opening night of ACAD’s fourth year showcase Pressed by Time. It is great to see the uniqueness and creativity by artists in Calgary. The student exhibit displays a great mix of mediums, from intricate quilted portraits to notable textured sculptures and captivating canvas paintings, there are many intriguing pieces of art to appreciate. 

Check out the exhibit at Axis Gallery until March 25th, 2014. - 107-100 7 Ave SW Calgary, AB. 

Photos taken by Meagan Weatherby 


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