Blue Hues

 Jacket: Rachel Zoe  -  Linen Top: Crystal Siemens  -  Linen Skirt: Crystal Siemens  -  Sunglasses: Cole Haan  -  Calf Hair Shoes: Nine West  -  Belt: BCBG  -  Quartz Necklace: Style Concept  -  Rings: Jennea Frischke Jewelry 

Hues of blue have been in colour palettes for many spring/summer collections. From Navy to Cobalt to pastel, blue is a classic colour. Blue is known to be the favourite colour of many people all over the world. It is safe and non-threating unlike black or red. It represents trust, loyalty and tranquillity. There are several meanings depending on the shade, tint or tone of  Blue. 
Navy blue represents authority, trust and intelligence therefore, it is a great colour to wear to a job interview or business meeting. Light blue is a very calming colour. It is an excellent wall colour for a bedroom, as it reduces stress and provides a clean and spiritual space. 
Bright blue is great for clothing and decor. Aqua, Azure and Electric Blue are some of my favourites to work with. Mixing bright blues with neutrals or black and white creates a cool, contemporary look and a fresh, calming feeling.  


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