When in Rome

DETAILS   Lace Top: H&M  I  Skirt: Neon Rose  I  Flats: Givenchy  I  Necklace: Winners  I  Clutch: YSL  I  Leather wrap Bracelet: Juicy Couture  I  Onyx beaded Bracelet: Bellafusion 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Instead of the typical tourist travel around Rome, I highly suggest going off the beaten path to find some of the most stunning views, amazing eats, and the best cultural experience. 

Rome is a large city, that is very busy all of the time. It is also very warm in the summer months, therefore, I recommend wandering around with no real agenda to comfortably explore the city at your own pace. With temperatures over 40 degrees (over 100 fahrenheit) one needs to stay hydrated and take breaks. There are unique Cathedrals on just about every street, great place to (respectfully) slip inside to keep cool while taking in the history and  stunning designs. 

One of the places that can't be missed is the view from the top of St.Peters Basilica. People often skip going up as it is an additional charge, but it is well worth it! 
Even if you are not into Catechism, the experience of walking through the Dome with the slanted ceiling and curved staircases is very cool. The view of the Nave and details on the ceiling of the Basilicas main Dome are surreal. Once you arrive at the top lookout, the view of the private gardens surround you, 360 degrees. Overlooking Vatican City and the city of Roma is absolutely breathtaking. The symmetry of the City is fantastic and best viewed from here (in my opinion). We were lucky enough to watch the Pope speak to the crowds of people filling the grounds. If you are going to the Vatican Museum, be sure to purchase a skip the line pass, it saves hours of waiting in the heat! The dress code seems strict, however, simply bring a cotton scarf to cover your legs and shoulders while in the Sistine Chapel. 

One of our first nights turned into a causal walk, when we stumbled upon the most spectacular view of the Roman Forums. Walking up and around the back of City Hall is a surreal view. We watched the sunset over the ancient ruins without the hassle of tour groups around us. You can see all the way to the infamous Colosseum from this area.

Wandering around is definitely the best way to find some great food spots outside of the over crowed tourist streets. There are smaller streets off the main drags with amazing restaurants with delicious food, desserts and shops. The hours of shops in Rome are typically more North American than other Italian Cities. It is easy to find a Pharmacy, Food places and stores open throughout the day. Remember to dress Chic regardless of the temperature, as Roma is all about classic style.  

Living accommodations in Rome vary depending on which area of the city you are in. There are a lot of old buildings converted into boutique hotels in the tourist areas. As I enjoy learning more about the culture of each city, I decided that being slightly away from the main tourist areas would lead to the best experience in this particular city.
Our home for the week was in an established neighbourhood about 15 minutes from City Centre. It was a great experience from the moment we arrived at the location. We entered a beautiful Italian garden with fountain features, which led to a private terrace in the front of the modern loft style home known as "Loft of Art". Before it's recent renovations, the home was once a well known Italian painters atelier.  His alluring works of art have been incorporated into the modern design. From the skylights, to the cantilevered glass staircase and hallways, this home is a design gem. 
The great thing about staying in a home over a hotel is having a fully equipped Kitchen. Waking up to the smell of Italian coffee on an outdoor patio is the best way to start your morning in Rome. There are several streets in the area with local markets and restaurants for fresh food and an opportunity to practice Italian ;). After long days of exploring Rome, and the Italian countryside, we laid in bed gazing up at the stars... as well as the neighbourhood Kittens pouncing on the skylights above us. 

1 I  Visit St. Peter's Basilica Dome (Rooftop) Remember to dress respectfully, or you won't be allowed in! 
2 I  Take the Metro (Very easy to get around) to explore different neighbourhoods
3 I  As Rome is Central, it is easy to go out and explore the Italian Countryside. 
4 I  Don't have a schedule, casually stroll around the city down alley ways, up hills and behind buildings, as these are where you will find the best restaurants, architecture and not be in the sea of people. Stay in a quiet neighbourhood to experience more of the culture. 
5 I Make a list of which Tourist attractions are most important to visit, and be sure to pre buy/schedule times for entry online as the lines are very long. You want to see as much as possible. 


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