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I receive so many emails and messages asking how I keep my platinum/grey hair cool between salon visits. For the past two years I have been doing the icy grey/silver look, getting double highlights (full head of foils, looking like an alien while it processes) every 6 weeks, sometimes pushing it to 2 months if I am travelling abroad. I always get highlights instead of full bleaching, as my scalp is sensitive to colour and I prefer the beautiful dimensional colour that the highlights provide. 
Blonde is a tricky process to keep it looking great with minimal damage to the hair, so it is important to try to stick with the same stylist who is familiar with the products and process they have been using. I always have my stylist give me a deep conditioning treatment after it is coloured. This helps to prevent damage when blowdrying, locking in nutrients and moisture. 
It is great if you have time to go to your salon to have your hair toned every 2-3 weeks to keep it looking fresh, however, I am very busy with work and travel, therefore do not have time to make any extra trips to the salon! These are my tips for keeping grey blonde from going that nasty brassy colour: 

1 I  Have your stylist tone all of your hair a really cool colour after your highlights or colour. This will make your hair have shades of blue/violet for the first few days until you wash it for the first time. I actually get a lot of compliments on this (unique) stage of the colour. 
I always wait a couple of days before shampooing to give my hair a break from the processing. 
I will then Shampoo with a Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. This helps keep the hair soft and prevent breakage. 

2 I Toning - After the first Shampoo, I use a Toner Shampoo and Conditioner to keep the cool look. I have tried many maintaining Toning products on the market, and have to say Unite "Blonda" Toning Shampoo and Conditioner is my fave. The ingredient list in products I use is VERY important to me. The Unite products only include the most natural, essential ingredients for cleansing, sealing the tone and protecting the hair from UV and thermal styling use.

3 I Prevent Breakage - No matter what your original hair colour is, getting it to this look takes a toll on your hair. Processing = drying out the hair. It is important to use moisturizing detanglers and leave-in conditioners every time you shampoo to help prevent breakage. I use Unite's "7Seconds" Leave-in Detangler/Conditioner every time I Shampoo. It is important to spray on your ends (if you have long hair, from your chin down) is where the hair needs it most. I will also spray it at the back of my head, where it tangles easily. I then use a detangling brush to comb the residual product through to my roots, so they don't feel heavy (I have oil skin/scalp). The vitamin enriched moisturizers help the damaged hair and protect going forward. 

4 I Prevent Brassy Hues - Sunny beach holidays, coconut oil, hair spray and other hair products can speed up the dreaded brassy blonde hues. Approximately three weeks in or a after a sunny vacation, I leave the toning Shampoo on a little longer. Using the Toning Shampoo for 3-5 minutes, rinse, then condition with the Toning Conditioner for 3-5 minutes. I find that leaving the toning products on a little longer than the usual 60 seconds provide a more intense freshening up of the colour.  

5 I Prepping - The last two Shampoos before my next salon visit are a little different. I Shampoo + Condition with the moisturizing not the Toning products. This allows my hair to be as healthy as possible before it will be back in the Salon for a day of processing once again. I usually do this the day before going to the Salon, so there is not product left in my hair that could effect the processing of the new highlights. 

There is nothing better than freshly toned, healthy looking hair everyday. If you have blonde hair or are going for the grey look, check out the Unite products here. 


  1. LOVE it - finally some proper advice on keeping the cool tones!!! <3


  2. Thanks Annika! I am happy it was helpful to you. Blonde can be tough to keep pretty!

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