Fall Skincare

There is such a thing as changing your skin regimen seasonally. Like your wardrobe, as winter approaches it is very important to switch up your skincare to ensure you are taking care of your skin.  The cool/dry weather takes a toll on your skin (especially here in Calgary!) I have noticed my skin is more dry and itchy than previous years. 
With my background in skincare and spending a lot of time in Europe, I know that using oils alone or in conjunction with lotions have great healing and therapeutic properties. I tried a few (low to high end) products and was not overly satisfied with the results or ingredients in many of them until I tried Lenity Soap. 

I tried "Home Sweet Home" Body Oil from Lenity Soap, a Vegan Bath and Body company based out of Calgary (Canada). They specialize in 100% natural handmade Soaps, Oils and Epsom Soaks. I have been using 20 drops of the oil per day (ten in the a.m. and ten in the evening) directly on my skin after showering/shaving and have noticed a huge difference in just one month. If your skin is very dehydrated, you can always add a body lotion after applying the oil. 
The oil is very lightweight and non greasy, absorbing into my skin right away. 
The perfect balance of all natural ingredients does the job well. The HSH Body Oil contains only the most important ingredients necessary: Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil, and Palmarosa Essential Oil. 
Coconut Oil is great for moisturizing, although I feel to put it on your skin can be too scented. The Avocado Oil dilutes the smell while also offering more moisturizing qualities. 
As I have struggled with Acne prone skin my whole life, I know that the Hemp Seed Oil works to keep pores from clogging. Some of the other Oil's I tried made me break out, as they were lacking this ingredient. Lavender is a natural disinfectant and relieves stress/pain. It is great for aromatherapy, sleep and bug repellent. 
Lime Oil is also a disinfectant and is full of antioxidants and of course smells delicious. The Palmarosa Oil is great for hydrating and calms the nerves. Lenity Soap created the perfect blend of all of these ingredients for an effective product with just the right amount of scent. 
The smell is somewhat strong at first, however, after a few minutes it is faint, and does not stay on clothing. The 20 drops a day has been making a huge difference and feels so nice to have a quick pampering everyday. 

I also tried an Epsom Soak and Hand/Body Soap by Lenity Soap. The Epsom Soak is a must have for everyone. 
Life is so busy these days, it is important to make time for yourself to relax and have a break. The "Sweet Bliss" Soak smells amazing and leaves skin super soft. The smell of Grapefruit and Lime is sweet and fresh, all at once. There are a few different Soaks, all containing different scents and essential oils. If you are into a more spicy/woody aroma, "Happy Hippy" sounds amazing with Frankincense and Cedarwood oils. 
The body soaps are a great option for a natural scent and creamy lather without leaving residue on the skin. 

My favourite part about this company is that they are very compassionate (Lenity means Kindness/gentleness). Not only do they care about providing people with the most natural, cruelty free products, but they also donate a portion of sales to animal rescues. 
Check out their website for more vegan products here


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