Festival Styling Tips with Ardene

Festival season is finally here! Having cool looks that are both comfortable and stylish are an important part of enjoying the experience. Check out some of my no-fail basics for any S/S festival you attend: 

1] The Bootie - A western style boot is a key footwear style regardless of the genre of music. These boots are a 2-in-1 style and have a comfort memory foam to keep your feet dancing all day long! The removable harness changes the style from western chic to a classic Chelsea style. [Now 50% off!]

2] The Shortall -  Overalls are one of the hottest trends this season. They are so easy to dress up or down and automatically give off a festival vibe. Shortall's [shorts instead of pants] are a great option for warm summer days to give your legs a little sun and cool breeze. This black stretch denim is easy to dress up or down and goes with just about any top. With all of the styling options, you could definitely get away with wearing these multiple days. 
I like to style these with one strap down, or both of the straps hanging down - think Gwen Stefani. For more women's denim shorts click here

3] Sheer Fabric - My favourite trend for S/S is transparency. Sheer fabrics allow for summer layering and an array of styling options. Fine mesh materials are airy and cool, perfect for dancing until the sun goes down. 

4] Bandana -  Festival veterans know this is the #1 essential accessory for debris-shielding and endless styling possibilities. Fold the fabric into a triangle or continue to fold into a long rectangular shape and tie at the back to turn it into a bandeau top like I did here. Banadas are also add a stylish element when worn as a necktie, belt, hair accessory or around your wrist or ankles. 

Whatever you put together, remember to have fun and make it your own! Check out all of the Ardene festival staples at great price points here. Take 15% off your order with code: ELENA15 


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  2. This is so cool girl. Love it. -rodstagram

  3. Best fashion tips for any woman wanting to look their best for a festival!

  4. Great tips! Your black shoes looks so cool!

  5. This looks amazing

  6. Looks amazing! I love your tips!

  7. Its hard to decide because I don't really know your style! I recommend get a pair of good long boots.

  8. lovely denim black short you are wearing


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