Having a good night sleep is SO important for productivity and health. After living in Europe, we know the importance of a good mattress [we used to put two mattress toppers on because the beds there are SO hard - and small!]. 

We had a comfortable mattress prior to our Endy, however, David had a tendency to get up in the night and the mattress would shift so much that it would wake me up. I am the type of girl who NEEDS her beauty sleep, so it didn't take long for me to start seeking alternative options. 

When I came across Endy, I knew it was worth a try. With their 100-night guarantee you have the option to return the mattress if you aren't satisfied, no questions asked... and they will actually come back and pick it up from your home.

We ordered the Endy Queen mattress, two Endy pillows and the Endy bedsheets which includes two pillow cases, a flat sheet and fitted sheet. 

Everything arrived in compact boxes and I was super impressed with how the mattress came packaged. It was vacuum sealed/rolled up and once the packing came off it slowly opened and decompressed after about 5 minutes. 

The Endy pillows were the most impressive to me! They are filled with shredded bamboo and charcoal memory foam strips which allow you to remove as much as you would like in order to alter the thickness and firmness. Each pillow came with a small travel pillow which can be filled with the excess memory foam.   

The Endy sheets are SUPER comfortable. We are bedsheet snobs and actually buy new sets monthly, so it is refreshing to see that these still look/feel brand-new after several washes and are comfortable to sleep on.

The Endy mattress itself is a game changer... it has really changed my sleep, as there is no longer motion transfer when David gets up. He doesn't have to worry about waking me up and has noticed a significant difference with his hips and ankles [which are prior sports injuries from being a goalie for so many years].

My favourite part about the bed is that I have actually cut down on my hair washing. I previously had been damaging my hair by having to wash it every other day due to my head overheating in my sleep. The temperature neutral Endy foam keeps my body and head cool and resultantly, has bumped back my shampooing to twice a week, allowing for a significant difference in time management and hair health. 

As you guys know, I am a total night owl, but I actually look forward to going to sleep now with my new mattress. 

I have partnered up with Endy to give you guys a better night sleep. Check out endy.com and use ELENA50 for $50 off your own mattress! 

Sweet Dreams  


  1. I get you when it comes to sleep interruption when the partner wakes up too many times during the night. I have the same problem with my husband. Endy mattress looks like a good choice and offered at 50% is a great deal! Thanks Elena��

  2. What a fantabulous post this has been. Never seen this kind of useful post. I am grateful to you and expect more number of posts like these. Thank you very much. Look for a firm pillow that focuses on your head and neck. If you sleep on your back, a medium to firm pillow should be a noticeable improvement. Memory foam pillow reviews


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