We all know how tough it can be to find gifts for family, friends, and coworkers. I put together a list of essentials that everyone can relate to. No one on your list will be offended by these 10 gifts for the person who has everything... 


1 I  Star Name Registry - Who wouldn’t want a star named after them!? I got David this as part of his wedding gift and everyone thought it was pretty cool. Star Name Registry sends a nice gift box filled with astrological maps and other info that shows where ours is located. It has suggestions for the best time of year to view it and how to locate. There is also a certificate that has the star name - ours is Dalena :D. It’s a unique gift that is fun to talk about! 
Check out Star Name Registry here and use code STYLE20 for 20% off.  


2 I  Essential Oils - Everyone can benefit from essential oils and many people do not know how beneficial and multi-purpose they are.  I love using them year-round, but especially during the holidays as they help boost immunity, relaxation and naturally smell amazing! 
Saje wellness has bundles that are budget-friendly and perfect for gifting. These are a few of my faves:
I love the Pocket Farmacy Black [for anyone and everyone], Muscle Melt [literally using this as I type this :) - for those who like to workout or have muscle pain and I personally live off the Fortify Inhaler [seriously life changer] and Immune Roller. I also found this fun 12 Nights of Wellness Advent Calendar, which looks pretty great - not just because it’s black ;). 

3 I  Eucalyptus Shower Mist - Want to feel like you're at the Four Seasons every day? This is a great gift as a lot of people don't remember to buy themselves the little things that make life so much better!

4 I Pilgram Collection DiffusersEssential oils diffusers are great because they are small and can be plugged in anywhere in someone's home or office. They even work layered on shelving as they can be clustered with other home decor and no one would even know what they are! 
I love my TEO Pilgram diffuser because there is an option to turn off the light for sleeping, unlike the other diffusers that I have. They also add humidity, which is essential in the cool/dry winter months. Click here to check them out.

Saje has upped their game with these chic diffusers - black here / white here. 

5 I HUSH Weighted Blankets - Sleep is the most important thing in life and weighted blankets help with anxiety and insomnia and help encourage a more solid sleep. They also have a cooling one that actually helps cool you off while you’re sleeping!? - They were actually on Dragons Den!  Click here to check out the blankets.  
Use code: STYLE30 for 30% off! 

6 I  Spa Gift Cards - Everyone can benefit from a relaxing massage or facial. People will often 'forget' or not make it a priority unless it's gifted!


7 I  Aura Smart Wifi Digital Photo Frame - looks chic and displays any photos you would like. This is great for an office or a Family Room. Click here to check it out.

8 I  Click and Grow Smart Garden - Who doesn’t like fresh herbs!? Even I don’t think I could kill the plants with this all in one LED grow light and self-watering planter. Click here to check it out! 


9 I Steamery Cirrus Steamer -  Everyone should have a steamer whether home or abroad, it’s much quicker and makes your outfits look 100% when they are fresh and crease-free. Steaming also kills bacteria, so freshen your clothes up after sitting on that plane or train. The Steamery Cirrus Steamer is so small, luxe and easy to use. Click here to see different colour options. 

10 I  Native Union Wireless Charging Pad - Chic and convenient, the wireless charging pads are great from home or office and you will never 'misplace' your charger ever again!  Click here to learn more. 

Happy Holiday Shopping! 


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