The Artistic and Delicious WINDS Series by Alvento Winery

Summer is finally here and that means you can find me at a beach! 
One of my favourite things about living in Downtown Toronto is how easy it is to walk down to Sugar Beach with a box full of charcuterie and a delicious bottle of wine to watch the sunset over the city skyline. 
I've been loving Alvento Winery's WIND series and have partnered with them to share the new collection! 

Alvento Winery is located in Vineland, near the waterfront of Lake Ontario in Canada.  The 13-acre vineyard is owned by local peach agriculturalists - the Zhang's family who dreamed of running a winery in the region.  They create small-batch wines that are crafted from established vines that offer quality fruit with subtle complexities. 

The owners are inspired by the English translation of Alvento, meaning; "At the Wind" and are focusing on wine styles that are refreshing and aromatic.  

Alvento believes that we are all connected to the primal forces that live in expressions of creativity. Their wines are inspired by the simple beauty of nature and the opportunity that it holds. 

They have created a collection called the WIND series, which includes something for everyone.

I’m loving their stylized fantasy artwork that makes the experience even more enjoyable! Each WIND series bottle features a Wind Goddess that represents each cardinal direction and natural domains. The labels join together to create one large illustration. 


A pleasing blend of nectarine, citrus, and tropical fruit aromas and flavours. It is refreshing with a touch of sweetness and effervescent, clean finish. 

Pairs well with lemon grilled scallops, grilled Mediterranean chicken, thick chevre.  

Varietals: Vidal, Riesling, Gewürztraminer 

Appellation: VQA Ontario

Alcohol Percentage 10.5% 

Acidity: 7.2 g/L 

Residual Sugar: 14 g/L 

Storage: 12 degrees C

Drinking Window: 2020-2023

Winemaker's Notes: It is produced 89% Vidal from Alvento Winery and was fermented at cool temperatures with select yeast strains. Restrained alcohol, vibrant acidity, balanced sweetness, and slight effervescence allows the aromatic potential of Vidal to shine.



Complex and aromatic with excellent body, balanced richness, and phenomenal length. Rose petal, tropical and ripe stone fruit and aromas and flavours. 

Pairs well with pork loin stir fry with ginger and garlic, Thai green curry chicken. 

Varietals: Gewürztraminer 

Appellation: VQA Twenty Mile Bench 

Alcohol Percentage 13% 

Acidity: 5.6 g/L 

Residual Sugar: 5 g/L 

Storage: 12 degrees C

Drinking Window: 2020-2023

Winemaker's Notes: This Gewürztraminer was sourced from an amazing bench vineyard at perfect ripeness. A short soak on skins followed by gentle pressing yields beautiful aromatic intensity while maintaining a fresh and soft palate. Fermentation at cool temperatures using select yeast strains and sur lie ageing in stainless steel for 6 months enhances the wine's richness and complexity. 



This Rosé displays an array of red fruit and floral aromas that are complemented by ripe melon and zesty citrus notes. A balanced palate with roundness and structure leads to a refreshing finish. 

Pairs well with lean pork, Asian dishes, salads with citrus fruit. 

Varietals: Marquette, Muscat, Chardonnay, Riesling 

Appellation: VQA Ontario

Alcohol Percentage 12.5% 

Acidity: 6.4 g/L 

Residual Sugar: 6 g/L 

Storage: 12 degrees C

Drinking Window: 2020-2023

Winemaker's Notes: Our 2019 Rosé is composed primarily of estate-grown Marquette with small percentages of Muscat, Chardonnay, and Riesling to add complexity and balance. Each wine was fermented separately and blended to achieve the desired aromatic profile, flavour, and mouthfeel. The Marquette was harvested at optimal ripeness and pressed gently to maintain freshness. A cool fermentation using selected yeast strains allowed the complex fruit of this varietal to shine. The resulting wine is dry, balanced, and refreshing with good intensity and structure. 



Cherry, berry, and vanilla aromas and flavours. Soft and approachable with a rich and fruity palate and long finish. 

Pairs well with blue cheese on beef burgers, coq au vin 

Varietals: Baco Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon 

Appellation: VQA Ontario

Alcohol Percentage 12.5% 

Acidity: 6.4 g/L 

Residual Sugar: 15 g/L 

Storage: 15 degrees C

Drinking Window: 2020-2024

Winemaker's Notes: The fresh fruity side of Baco Noir is supported by approximately 3% of each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to add structure and length. Harvested at ideal ripeness and fermented at warm temperatures with a 10-day maceration followed by 6 months of ageing in stainless steel produces a fruit forward and balanced wine. 

Not sure which one to try first? 

If you love dry wine try: 

WEST WIND - Dry and low sugar for a Vidal blend 

NORTH WIND - Lower calorie than traditional 

SOUTH WIND - A Dry Rosé with only about four calories per bottle of sugar

EAST WIND - It isn't overly sweet and can be served chill during summer months 

Love sweeter wines? Try:


Alvento has also created a fun Wind Goddess Quiz which can help you decide which WIND bottle is for you and other goddess personality traits. Of course, I couldn't resist taking it and found out that I am the Goddess of the East Wind! I have to say, it describes me to a T and I do love a nice blended red.

Some key points of the Goddess of the East Wind are: 

  • She has a high amount of empathy and kindness 
  • She is a natural-born leader who is filled to the brim with talent and charisma
  • She has the rare talent of taking different or opposing personalities and uniting them under one goal. 
  • She feels she has to remain “the strongest” for her loved ones
  • She enjoys small luxuries and tries to treat herself when she can. 
  • She dislikes being undermined, dismissed, or underestimated. 
Click here to find out which Wind Goddess you are! 

Alvento Winery has an awesome promo on right now to get 10% off when you purchase 4 bottles with code: PASSIONINSPIRED 

AND you can get free shipping off $150 or more if you live in Ontario with code: LOCAL 

Click here to learn more and shop the collection.

* Must be 19 or older to purchase. 


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