Welcome to the Style Concept 2022 Gift Guide.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite items for the person who has everything. They are practical products that I find useful on a daily. These gifts make great Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, hosting gifts, birthdays, or any other special celebration. 

Let’s get right into it! 


This alarm clock has been a game changer for my morning routine. I wake up relaxed without the jarring ring tones/ alarm sounds triggering my nervous system. The LED light [in various colours] turns on before the alarm goes off, illuminating the room as if the sun is rising. It gradually gets brighter over a period of minutes which you can customize until the sounds begin. It helps me ease out of my deep sleep and vivid dreams.  

There are also a variety of sounds to select from and I love that the display turns completely off to help create a dark room for a better night's sleep. 

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Who doesn’t love a good meat rub or herbs to complete a dish? These tasty small-batch blends are certified organic and designed for the ultimate flavour… you and your guests will be blown away by the delicious flavours!

Love this local Canadian brand, their mission and its creative flavours that are Gluten, Sugar, Nut, Dairy free and Non-GMO.

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I can’t get enough of this tool. No need to go to a salon when you can get beautiful blowouts at home. This brush cuts my drying time down to 10 minutes and is easier to work as it’s essentially a hair dryer and round brush all in one! 

My hair feels so silky and voluminous after each use. It's great for travel as the brush detaches from the wand. I also love their touch-up mini brush [heat only].

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First off, Pluck makes very delicious, high-quality teas that are perfectly blended for any tea lover. 

I love that they source many of the ingredients locally and practice a sustainable business model. Their teas are Organic, Fair Trade, and part of the Rainforest Alliance for the imported ingredients.  They work directly with a network of farmers and producers that they know and trust. 

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Jouviance is one of my favourite Canadian skincare brands. Their amazing products are free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, colourants, artificial fragrances, animal-based ingredients or other potential irritants. Their products are Dermatologist Developed and safe for sensitive skin!!

I personally love a lot of their products, and my husband swears by two of the products in this kit [guys, don’t be afraid of the pink branding!] 

Eye Lift - is GLUTEN FREE! They used natural peptides from Quinoa, sugar from the seed of locust seeds, 

Lip Balm - limited edition nourishing lip balm 

3-in-1 Duo Pro Anti-Aging Booster Serum 

This is husband's favourite Serum.

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I’ve been obsessed with my Phoozy Thermal case for over a year, so I know so many will love this practical gift. The Phoozy thermal phone case is amazing for boaters, beach, and pool hangs, or on a daily basis if you live in a warmer or cooler climate. 

The cases help prevent your phone from overheating in the sun with their 5-layer patented protection. It features a chromium thermal barrier derived from NASA spacesuit technology, which reflects more than 90% of the heat of the sun, and it insults devices in cold conditions to extend battery life up to 4x. 

The Phoozy case has a built-in water-resistant floatation to help with quick, easy retrieval. 

I pack it on every trip!

They are also very durable yet light to carry around [exceeding military drop test standards by more than 2x] 

The cases come in two sizes to fit just about any phone model.

There are also several colour variations to choose from. 

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The Bella Aura roll skin sculptor has become part of my daily routine. I actually look forward to using this device as it has a fun look [disco party vibes], is easy to use, feels amazing and I can see/feel the results. This roller has a very comfortable handle and two ball heads that rotate as it glides across the skin.  I love using it on my face, head and body. It helps promote lymphatic drainage, circulation and skin tightening. 

It is waterproof so you can use it in the shower, with your favourite oil, cream or by the pool. 

I also love their soothing youth-promoting Multi Repair Rescue Masque for clearer, smooth and hydrated skin. I use it overnight a couple of times a week and love the results. The dermatologist-tested formula contains antimicrobial MicroSilver for balancing the skin flora, antioxidant-rich Norweigian Spruce for powerful anti-inflammation, and Maclua Cochinchinesnsis to regular the microbiome and soothe the skin. 

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EMF is all around us, and unfortunately, is detrimental to our health. I try my best to reduce exposure and Lifetune has been a huge part of that with their peer-reviewed studies, clinical and scientific trials and reports and patented 


Lifetune products transform the surrounding radiation to protect your long-term health. It helps protect against 5G  LTE, Wi-Fi + millimetre waves. EMF/EMR - the everyday use of electronics create a chaotic and unstable field of energy

Scientific research has proven that EMF from electronics has an impact on our health. It acts as a stressor to our nervous system. Although there has been a massive increase in technology in our daily lives, there have not been long-term research studies of the rapid increase of technology. 

They have various products. I love the device for my phone as it makes me feel better about my screen time as I work off my phone.  I also use the Personal chip when I’m travelling, on my computer, or in my wallet when I’m out and about. 

Aires modulation creates stable EMF that matches your biological energy. 

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A great gift for anyone. This journal is inspiring and well-designed with thoughtful quotes and an aesthetically pleasing layout to bring more gratitude into your life. 

The fabric cover makes a beautiful home decor addition to a nightstand, office or even a coffee table. 

It’s a great place to release thoughts and encourage personal growth, emotional intelligence, meaningful relationships and enhanced productivity. We can all use more of this! 

Start the day happier with Five Minute Journal. 

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 Essential oils have basically become my signature fragrance. I love that they smell fresh while making me feel my best. 

I have switched out my regular fragrances for peppermint or their immune blend. 

As part of my healing journey, I stumbled upon Saje’s roll-on essential oils and their inhalers. They have been amazing and help me feel my best. 

This kit contains 5 of my essential rollers. 

Eater's Digest - which I roll on my abdomen and a little in my belly button before or after a heavy meal or if I’m having any pains in that region.

Immune - a blend of essentials to help relieve any congestion and help my airways. I roll Immune on my chest, neck and under my nose during/after flights and when I’m feeling run down or when I am under the weather. 

Peppermint Halo - is one of my faves - I use this daily to relieve my TMJ pain/tension. I also enjoy it on my head and neck and abdomen

Stress Release - I apply it across my shoulders. neck and sometimes around my jawline. 

Pain Release - I apply to any area I am experiencing pain at the moment. Love the instant relief. 

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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

See you in 2023 

Disclosure: This post may contain paid ad partnerships or affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission if you click a link and purchase something. All reviews, thoughts, and opinions are my own. 


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