All Season Florals

Shop the look: II Hat: Topshop (UK)  I  Dress: New Look Fashion (UK)  I  Vest: Adrienne Landau  I  Bag: Givenchy  I  Booties: L.A.M.B  I  Belt: Soaked in Luxury 

Summer can come anytime now!  Until it actually warms up, I mix and matched summer fabrics/styles with fall/winter pieces, creating a fusion of seasons. Gone are the days of having a "Summer" and "Winter" wardrobe. 
Each spring we see floral prints and patterns on everything from clothing, design, tech accessories, the list goes on... Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and several other design houses have made florals a year round trend this year. 
Playing with layering and changing up your footwear is a great way to transition your fave summer dress into each season. Take your dress (for more versatility a quarter or long sleeve is better), and pair with a fur vest or leather jacket and a pair of ankle boots. The ankle height is a bridge between a sandal or open toe shoe and a knee high boot. Pairing with an OTK boot during the colder weather also works well with this look. If it's too chilly to have a bare leg peeking through, wear a pair of tights. 
Vibrant florals with black accents are very on trend this Spring. Mixing the romance of florals with heavier textures like fur, leather or wool create a new way to wear them all year round. 
Layered open, a vest creates a casual look, appropriate for weekend errands or dinner dates. A vest or jacket can also be worn with a large belt to cinch the waist, creating an overall more polished professional look. 


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