Black Mask by Shills Review

I have received several messages regarding the Shills purifying peel-off Black Mask that I posted on my IG Stories last week. I have tried this product a few times now (as I do with all products that I try), so I put together a review and some tips for using it effectively. 
As many of you know, ingredient lists are the most important thing for me to review before trying a new product. This mask has a lot of natural ingredients that work together to enhance your skin. This deep cleansing black purifying mask works with activated Charcoal (Carbon) adhering to your skin and removes impurities while purifying cells. Activated Charcoal is highly absorbent, acting as a filter system for purification. Charcoal is also an anti-inflammatory, therefore it helps reduce redress and irritation while it purifies. Other important ingredients include Aloe and Camomile. They help with many skin conditions and work well as natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatories. They also consist of essential oils which our skin needs to be healthy and replenished. The combination of ingredients also   helps to fight free radicals with it's natural anti-aging properties. Black masks have been used all over Asia for many years, more recently gaining popularity in N. America. 

I had my mother over for a girls day to take a break from work talk all the time, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try this mask together. I did a test area a couple of days prior, as both of us have very sensitive skin. 
My first impression was that the texture feels like tar, it comes out of the tube smooth, sticky and flexible. When you first apply it, your skin may tingle and sting a little bit, but it is tolerable. The end result was good, but it could have been better. I think since we both have acne prone, oily skin (yay for no wrinkles), the formula had a tough time penetrating deep into our pores, and therefore it was more of an upper dermis refresher. Both of our faces felt nice and smooth after, and only slightly irritated, which was to be expected. The mask did clear up a couple of breakouts and left our skin feeling replenished overall. After the mask is fully dry, you begin to peel it off from an edge of your face. It does get painful in some areas more than others. On a scale of 0-10, I would say the pain maxed out around 3, as for my mom, it was around 7. Beauty is pain, so it was worth it for me, and we had a good laugh while doing it. I would recommend this mask for any skin type to replenish and turn dullness into bright, glowing skin. I definitely believe it is more effective on black heads for dryer areas, so great for those with normal to dry skin. 
For the week following the mask, I noticed my foundation went on nice and smooth. My skins texture is smoother and holds a more youthful glow. Here are my tips for use: 

1 | Do a test area before you apply it to your entire face, after all it is your money maker ;). I highly recommend testing new products before actual use, you just never know if you are going to have a reaction to something. I usually do a test on the inside of my elbow, as it is a very sensitive area that is the most similar to the thinner/delicate skin on your face. 

2 | Like any facial or mask, it works best if your pores are open and as clean as possible. Boil water in a Kettle and pour into a bowl containing a rolled up face cloth. Let the cloth absorb all of the hot water, then remove and drape over your entire face until it begins to cool. The steam from the cloth will help kill bacteria and open your pores for the product to penetrate deeper. Be sure to gently pat your face dry before applying the product. 

3 |  Put the first layer of the Mask on with your (clean) fingers. I find it easier to work with the product with my bare hands. If you add extra layers, I would recommend using a small make up brush to get the thickness and all of the pores covered. 

4 | Keep it away from your hairline and eyebrows. The mask will rip out some of your hair once it hardens if you get it too close to areas you do not want effected. Be sure to keep it away from your mouth and eyes. I would suggest using your orbital bone as a guide as I did below. 

5 |  On the packaging it says to wait 20-30 minutes before removing. I would leave the mask on for a minimum of 30 minutes if you have oily skin. It took a while for it to harden and you want it to set and really absorb the oil before removing. If you have dry skin, you could likely get away with only leaving it on for 20. 

6 | Put enough product on that it creates a solid looking mask. A solid mask means it is easier to peel off and all of your pores are covered. As soon as my first layer started to dry, the mask had little air bubbles where I have larger pours. I had to add another layer to these areas. 

7 | It will hurt to pull it off. I started from the bottom of my chin and worked my way to my nose on both sides. It is kind of like ripping off a bandaid, you have to just keep going! It does look hilarious when you are removing it. We had a good laugh watching each other. If there are little bits of black stuck in some areas, use your wet cloth to remove it gently. 

8 | Once your face is clear, use a cotton pad with toner and gently wipe over your face to help tighten and close up your pores. I also recommend spraying a Thermal Spring Water (I love La Roche Posay's) if your skin is extra sensitive. It will help sooth and lock in moisture. Let your skin breathe for as long as possible before applying your regular skincare products or makeup. I keep my face clear of make up and moisturizer for the remainder of the day. The next day, we noticed how smooth and revitalized our skin looked.  

9 | Don't over use. It says 2-3 per week. I recommend using it once a week - every other week max. If you have an oily T-zone you could apply more frequently to that area.

10 | Enjoy and have fun with it! The mask is a great product to have fun with your girls (or guys) while pampering yourself.  I will definitely keep using it when I have some down time and want to replenish my radiance ;). You can buy this mask by Shills here. 


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